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Every year for the past 25 years we have asked ourselves that double barrelled question “What Time it Is and What’s Going On?” that has been the driving spirit of our Jouvay investigation, as it was in the beginning with Jocks Tuh Pose – Bring Yuh Drawers and Come; Trinidad Carnival 1994. 

Wherein the mission was to strip down, breakdown and shakedown, all preconceived notions and connect to the root of the vibe of what we recognised and wished to pay respects to as a Ritual of renewal and liberation. We imagined a space where true freedom reigned and people returned to a primal state of being, naked and pure and raw as we eagerly gather under the cover of darkness and make our way steadfastly into the Light and herald the dawn of the rising sun, full of spirit and light and possibility ready to dance the world into existence once again in commemoration of the Magic Moment that is inherent in the opportunity to come together and claim the streets in the spirit of our ancestors and celebrate this beginning again and again and again and…

As Guardians of the New Day, Shepherds of the Dawn, Warriors of the Jouvay, Celebrants of the Glorious Morning Come, giving thanks for being able to bare witness once again to the Magic of the rising sun, once more.

Celebrating 25 it’s so good to be alive, it’s so beautiful and powerful to be able to claim the space and celebrate the joy of love and life and living and bring the vibes once again.

Once again, once again my friends this one is for all the fallen soldiers, this one is for all we lost along the way, this one is for all who live forever, this one is for all who guide the way- forward; as above, so below, as within, so without and all around and about. 

Respect due to all the forces, all the vibes, all the vibration over time; all the rhythm, all the life, all the living and the loving and the love over time;  as it was in the beginning so shall it ever be, give thanks…

3canal JOUVAY 2019
The Jouvay Imperative:
In Spiritus Mundi
Celebrating 25…
It’s so good to be alive!!!
Give Thanks!!!

Basic Registration begins at $500.

Official 2019 Jouvay T-Shirt
Official Jouvay Tag
Nuff Paint + Pigment in yuh pweffen!
Coffee + Doubles after Jouvay
Live performance by 3canal on the Big Truck
Dj Rawkus Remy
Laventille Rhythm Section
Nuff Security
Endless Good Vibes and Real Spirit!!!


Payments can be made at Big Black Box,
33 Murray Street, Woodbrook
Phone: 1.868.622-1001
Email: cutandclear@gmail.com