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ZINGAYTALALA!!! is a cry from deep from within, an old stickman chant, a reckoning… 
Zingaytalala is a cry from the spirit, a shout from the soul, a cry for healing, a call to the World to do more and be more, for the Good of the Whole. 
Zingaytalala is a call seeking a response, a cry of affirmation, a cry of resilience, a cry of jubilation, a cry of persistence. 
Zingaytalala is a call for reparations and recognition and respect, a cry of a people in response to oppression and an expression of the Joy and The Pain and the Power and the Beauty that is at the core of their very existence, their very essence, their very being. 
Zingaytalala is a cry of courage, a call of conviction, a cry of Liberation and a call for Celebration.
Zingaytalala is a cry and a call to evoke and invoke a new spirit of love, life and living; and Thanks Giving and CELEBRATE, NOW!!!…

The 3canal Show 2019 ZINGAYTALALA!!!
The Jouvay Imperative: In Spritus Mundi.
Celebrating 25…It’s so good to be alive.
Give Thanks!!!

Featuring 3canal
+ the cut+clear crew
+ the Black Box crew.

Music, Mas, Dance, Theatre!

Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th February, 2019.

Showtime 8:00pm

Early Bird Tickets: $200TTD (available until the last BackYardJam)
General Tickets: $250TTD
Reserved Tickets: $300TTD

For early bird bookings (before February 9) visit us at 33 Murray Street, Woodbrook.